I Could Be The Only One

Manchester Orchestra/Kevin Devine - I Could Be The Only One

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Kevin Devine and Manchester Orchestra are showing their mutual respect and love for each other’s music with the release of a two-song bundle of covers, a fitting concept for two artists with similar pop sensibilities. Manchester Orchestra tackle Devine’s ‘I Could Be With Anyone’ and Kevin takes a stab at MO’s ‘The Only One,’ a song he describes as “arguably my favorite.”

“It’s definitely one of the coolest,” the Brooklyn musician tells Spinner recently. “The charge of it, the way it explodes out at you. The lyric, the circularity of the bridge, the way the phrases fold over each other.” Despite his ringing endorsement of the original tune’s frantic energy, Devine opted for a more subdued vibe on his cover.

Manchester Orchestra frontman Andy Hull went a similar laid-back route on his rendition of Devine’s upbeat pop song. “I recorded my cover last winter,” Hull says. “I was feeling drained and had just finished ‘Mean Everything to Nothing,’ and all of a sudden I heard an incredibly real and painfully-depressing song. I’ve loved this tune since the moment I heard it.”

-Adam Home for Spinner

1.  I Could Be With Anyone (Manchester Orchestra)
2. The Only One (Kevin Devine)

Catalog Number: FGR 028
Release Date: 07/13/09
Format: Digital