Make The Clocks Move

Make The Clocks  Move

Make the Clocks Move is Kevin Devine’s second album. It was released in 2003, being the first of two albums released by Triple Crown Records. The German record label, Defiance Records, released a double LP set with both Make The Clocks Move and Kevin’s following album, Split The Country, Split The Street.

It is the first of his albums produced by Chris Bracco and Mike Skinner, who would later produce a number of Kevin’s recordings including the albums Split The Country, Split The Street and Brother’s Blood. Bracco and Skinner are also members of his band (playing bass and drums, respectively), “The Goddamn Band”. Mike Skinner was the drummer of the band Miracle of 86, in which Kevin was the lead singer/guitarist.

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1. Ballgame
2. Wolf’s Mouth
3. Noose Dressed Like a Necklace
4. Not Over You Yet
5. Flatline Blur
6. Whistling Dixie
7. People Are So Fickle
8. Marie
9. Country Sky Glow
10. Longer That I’m Out Here
11. Tapdance
12. You’re My Incentive
13. Splitting Up Christmas
14. Thanks