Kevin Devine – ‘She Stayed As Steam’ EP/12″ Out Today

She Stayed As Steam EPFollowing last year’s Brother’s Blood album, Kevin Devine has returned with his new EP She Stayed As Steam.  This new EP features two previously unreleased songs, “She Stayed As Steam” and “Big, Bad Man” along with remixes  “Breathe, Breathe Deep (Hand of God RMX by Plosive)”  and “Another Bag of Bones (by Trevor Dowdy).”  The EP is available for streaming and purchase at as well as on iTunes and other digital retailers.  A limited number of 12″ vinyls were also released by These Are Not Records and are available through the websites of both labels. The vinyl version contains two acoustic on-air radio performances of “Ballgame” and “Chelsea Hotel No. 2″.

“‘She Stayed As Steam’ and ‘Big, Bad Man’ were really hard to leave off Brother’s Blood. They were once of a piece with all those other songs, and were two of our favorites and refamiliarizing myself with them for this release, they still are. They never felt like B-sides, but more like A-minus sides? I don’t know if that’s even right… They’re realized and I’m proud of them and I’m thrilled they’re getting a proper and pretty platform.” -Kevin Devine


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