Brother’s Blood

9:02am Brooklyn Time

Roughly nine months after its sweaty conception in a converted Brooklyn kickboxing studio, ‘Brother’s Blood’ is available for purchase TODAY via Favorite Gentlemen/RED on iTunes, Amazon and elsewhere in the digital ether. You can get physical copies in stores NEXT TUESDAY, MAY 5th or at any of the shows on the ‘Brother’s Blood’ US Tour starting tomorrow in Philadelphia.

If you’re visiting thanks to my being on the front page of MySpace Music these past couple days, welcome, and feel free to browse around. Be lazy with it.

AOL Music is also holding a listening party all week for ‘Brother’s Blood’ – check it:
AOL Spinner Listening Party

Finally, I went in to WRXP 101.9FM in New York Friday morning before the Bowery show and did an interview/acoustic performance of ‘I Could Be With Anyone’ with Matt Pinfield. You can check out that performance here: WRXP

And away we go…thank you as always.


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